Too Many Google Ads

Are you a small business owner interested in buying Google Ads? My advise would be to to tread lightly as Google is now in the business of making money selling advertisements instead of providing search results. As there are way too many Google Ads currently displaying.

In fact Google began selling advertising back in 2003 via AdWords keyword-based advertising. What started with only 350 customers is now a massive ad network that generates over 10 Billion USD in annual revenue in the United States alone.

Whats Wrong with Having lots of Google Ads?

Depending on your niche, possibly nothing. However if you happen to run a tour company see the screen shot below. This is what Too Many Ads looks like:
Too Many Google Ads

Better yet how would you feel as a customer or consumer of Google search result data, If you went to Google looking to go on a tour and the first 4 results you saw were paid advertisements? This might work for Google today and possibly tomorrow however most savy internet users and anyone under the age of 30 is most likely aware of the amount of companies paying to get their message in front of our eyes.

What’s even worse is the ads that are shown on get displayed based on how much a company is willing to pay per click or on some cases how many times the ad was displayed to users. A new start up or company with big pockets or an established company (think could easily come in and bid on keywords at $5, $10, $20 a click and so on… What’s worse, is some users may not even know these are ads, as Google new ad color is spammy at best. At that point any small business owner would now be in a “bidding war” with companies that most likely have a much larger revenue stream.

This would be like the mom and pop grocery store in your town taking out a full page advertisements in the newspaper to compete against a major grocery store chain, in the long run it won’t be a viable business model.

Spend As Little as Possible on Advertising, Instead Invest in SEO

We always recommend that our clients give a minimum of $100 a month in advertising dollars. Not necessarily to get clicks or sales, but to make sure Google aka “God” is appeased. Without “paying-to-play” it becomes hard for a company to completely out rank the competition without an ad spend. Especially when trying to outrank companies that are supporting Google’s ad network.

So instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, we find that an organic SEO campaign can work wonders for short term and long term growth online.

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