Showing Sold Out Products Seems to Be a Way to Cannibalize Google Search

I recently entered the following search query into ‘686 smarty command’. The Google search revealed some 77,700 results with 10 listings on the first page and 5 sponsored images – shopping links at the top of the page.

All seems normal here, however if you start clicking on the Organic Google listings below. Only 1 out of the 10 listings actually has the product in stock?

Google Shopping SERp SEO

Why is Google Display SOLD OUT Merchant Inventory

One would think Google’s algorithm would be able to understand if the product was available for sale. Even easier would be for google to scan the page for the words ‘sold out’

Out of the 10 listings shown, only had the product available. A pink Women’s version. (see below)

686 Smarty Command Women's Pink Jacket

Seems like the Shopify community is trying to figure out how to best use or abuse this current Google hack.

Matt Cuts on Google Product Listings

Someone recently asked as similar question on Quroa. Why are eCommerce websites showing out of stock items in the search results or filter?

Google Product Page Bounce Rates

So is this legit? AS an affiliate do you feel comfortable competing with listings for out of stock product pages. Better yet and most importantly. Why is it that Google is showing these pages which most likely have extremely high and quick bounce rates?

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