SEO Services

Are you wondering what the heck is SEO? Or how will SEO help my website? Digital Marketing Snow offers a variety of SEO services to our clientele. Each account will be optimized in the following ways:

Organic SEO Services

SEO Keyword Results

Keyword Research

The first step to any SEO campaign is to do keyword research. Keyword research allows us to come up with a list of organic SEO keywords and phrases related to your website that people would be searching for via Google and all the other major search engines.

With a list of custom made keywords related to your website we’re able to lookup monthly search volume trends for each unique keyword and phrase. We can even see how many people in a specific city, state or country are searching for the targeted keywords on a monthly basis.

SEO Campaign

Website Structure

Once keyword research has been completed we move onto targeting specific pages within your website. Multiple keywords can be used and targeted on a single page, however we always recommend having more “Landing Pages” in an effort to increase traffic to your website.

For instance: If you run a tour company website that offers three tours to different locations, instead of putting all the information on one page, we would split the content up over three unique pages, with unique keywords and urls, thus increasing the likely hood of your content being found organically in the major search engines and by your future customers.

Our team is able to build new pages within your website and edit pages within the existing site structure.

SEO Checklist

WordPress SEO Optimization Pages & Post

After your website layout is complete and keywords have been assigned to specific pages its time to make search that the major search engines can easily find your content and in turn potential customers can find you. WordPress SEO includes creating strong page titles, page descriptions, meta data and schema markups will be added to each and every page of your website, thus again increasing potential “Landing” pages that have been optimized for SEO. We will be optimizing the information that you see in Google search results specifically.

If you’re wondering why the competition is out ranking you, or more importantly why your company is not ranking for a specific keyword or phrase one of the main factors is on page optimization. After optimization we guarantee an increase in your search engine rankings.

Google SEO

Link Building

With link building you don’t want to overdue it. In the past having a ton of links pointed toward your website may have increased your SEO rankings. However Google aka “god” is usually a few steps ahead of everyone, and they don’t really care for cheaters. Any websites that are found to have an unusual amount of links going in or out will typically be flagged in Googles system leading to a dropping in the websites search engine rankings or removal from Google search all together.

We take a straight forward, honest, open and ethical approach to our search engine optimization. By creating new natural and organic links pointing toward your site across various channels including; social media, like minded websites, YouTube, forums etc..

SEO Website Health

Website Webmaster

One of the most things with a website, and actually more so than SEO is the health of the website. Themes and plugins need routine maintenance, security can always be improved and websites should be routinely backed up. Our team takes cares for your website as if it was our own.. As all the SEO in the world won’t go very far if your website has been hacked or if Google thinks it’s broken. Depending on the age of your website some of your pages may have changed or even moved. Instead of people finding 404 pages (Not Found) well create re-directs to any pages that are being clicked on and indexed by the search engines.

Does your site have a sitemap? Does Google have a copy? What about your robot.txt file? These are what Google’s “spiders” go out looking for to find new pages on the internet to display in search results. Rest assured we will take care of every aspect of your web presence online and behind the scenes.

Feel free to reach out anytime to receive a free quote for our SEO Services.