Top Short Sale Assistance Case Study – SEO Audit

First off you have a really clean looking theme/ layout to your Top Short Sale Assistance website. It’s great to see you’re using Wordpess as well as it makes SEO and design so much easier to implement.

The majority of the content on your homepage is located above the fold. (ATF) This is great as it will encourage people to click and stay on your site.

Your calls to action are strong. So far so good. I would also recommend moving the short sale info that is currently on the homepage to the short sale page: and then really target that page for your SEO campaign. Homepages can be great for SEO too, but actual content pages speak volumes.

A best practice would be to make the short sale page around 2000-3000 words….

Use more videos, info graphics etc etc.. And then repeat this process for each specific page on your site with services you offer. You may even want to include a timeline with historical data on whats been happening with short sales, and the market.

Odds are the short sale process is new correct? So give some background about when and why short sales are now happening.

Social Media
For social media you haven’t posted much since 2015. This is a great way to get free or paid traffic for people searching for your services. I would say 1 post a day at minimum for each social channel! Keep in mind these will be considered back links and start showing Google a funnel of traffic and links pointing to your site.

Keyword here is funnel.  Is it just you talking about this site?  Or are other people, brands and blogs?

Also Linkedin would be perfect for your niche, that’s were business people play and people with cash, odds are they have bought and sold homes before.

Meta Data
I did a search in Google for your companies name, or website name Top Short Sale Assistance and you were not the first listing in Google? You will want to start here!!!! You should ALWAYS be at the top of Google for your brand name. One thing I notice is the brand name and url are the same however the title does not mention who you are??

Title reads as follows : Foreclosure Prevention – Loss Mitigation Services Massachusetts So NH (I would want to see your company name in the Title too…) as will Google..

For your website description reads as follows “A Short Sale of your home can Prevent Foreclosure and Preserve Your Credit Rating. Call 978-984-5198 for Short Sale Assistance in Massachusetts and So.”

Be sure that the terms you ware wanting to rank for are listed here. Maybe not the same terms you have specific pages for but more overall. Maybe even targeted to your locations?

You can also add some more text into the description. You may want to pull the phone number out as odds are people would want to see the site first and then call. Once on site, your call to action is clear. Maybe even consider making the phone link clickable, via Google Voice or something similar.

Website Flow
Hold the hand of your visitors and walk them through the site. Be sure to have links for page to page. Within the content. Don’t let someone come to this great site and only see 1 or 2 pages. Keep them engaged moving from page to page. I recommend drawing out a funnel chart:

Where are you wanting to get clients from or web traffic.
Once they arrive on your homepage or possibly other pages then what?
Do you want them to call, email, book then, read more?

I think a combo of the above would be a safe bet, odds are anyone on your site is doing some major research. Give them data, give them videos.

Other Ways to Make Money!
Have you thought about giving a webinar? People would most likely pay you $100 or more to listen to a 1 hour piece about the industry? Even someone about to loose there home would be willing to invest a little money to hold onto their dream, ore better yet loose less monies..

The site is not ranking in Alexa for US or Global traffic. This is sort of a red flag since the site has been up since 2013. Focus on content and social media.

And then find an organic seo company to help your business increase its revenue…..

There are literally hundreds of thousands of searches a month for what your company is offering. I see no reason you shouldn’t be able to increase the IMPACT on your revenue with a strong SEO / content plan in place.