Jackson Parlour Case Study – SEO Audit

http://www.alexa.com – type in your website name and see your ranking.  Currently not ranked in the US or Globally but that’s to be expected based on your websites age and if your just starting off blogging and driving social traffic.  Google is #1, Facebook is #2 this rank is based on how much traffic these sites receive.  File this away from a rainy day, in a years time when you start ranking it will be good to see how far you have come..

I see you are tracking analytics – googleAnalytics = “UA-2117194-61

This is good and important as you will want to understand the users actions coming to your site, engagement time on site, page views where they came from etc etc etc..  Tons of info in here, heavy on data but worth looking at on a monthly basis or even more often.  I would be happy to help walk you through this sometime.  Otherwise its fairly straight forward to get a basic overview of how many people are on your site daily.

Good work linking your social accounts to your website and vica versa.  I do notice a couple urls.  So I would suggest to change the url that’s shown on your facebook page to link to – http://www.jacksonholehairsalon.com/ as this will be a VERY strong domain based on the URL alone.. instead of linking to http://www.jhparlour.com/

https://www.instagram.com/jenny_b_artistry/ – might want to change the url you are linking to here as well.

Do you have the ability to post 1 photo, article, quote, poem, something artistic a day to the JH Parlour Facebook..  Might want to consider that.  1-2 post a day is plenty.  Twitter you can do numerous, same with Insta without spamming people.

Maybe add some more photos of the inside of the Parlour, the pink Elephant etc etc..  Let people get a feel for the salon before walking in. I would suggest a photo of you cutting hair taken from around the hair washing thing panoramic of the entire store to be put front and center on the homepage. Again just a thought suggestions, people are dumbing down so more photos and videos..

I might suggestion switching over to WordPress as your site / blog platform.  That’s what CNN, Mountain Weekly News many hundreds of millions of sites are using.

I would try get something about hair in here, think Google and search engines.  How many people are searching for Jackson Parlour vs Jackson hole hair…. Images can be used for SEO too!!  So any image will want to have a very clear file name. https://static.wixstatic.com/media/a8954a_9a4c0d68cff0445d9cb35680f38b91a7.png/v1/fill/w_417,h_120,al_c,lg_1/a8954a_9a4c0d68cff0445d9cb35680f38b91a7.png – is the current address of your header image, again think Google and re-upload the file with a name like Jackson hair cuts.  Its cheating (ethically)

This will be your biggest opportunity for growth! When I google Jackson WY Salon I find you (sort of ) on page 4. http://jennybartistry.com/blog/

This is pulling up organically because of the bolded words.  That’s epic!  Even though its your blog.  Your ranking.  And odds are ranking for many more terms too.

Ok Im ranting. Good luck, you won’t really need it.  Think smart and don’t spent to much on “being borning” otherwise I see you taking over this market.  Kudos!  Let me know if you need any help with this.