iOS GameHub Case Study – SEO Audit

First of all is one of the cleanest layouts I have seen for a website in some time.  Really like the homepage, great first impression.

Current website title is set to “Home” I would be sure to change this ASAP, ideally something with your name in it and the service you offer something like ios gamehub classic video games.  You will know your website niche best but be sure your brand name at the very least is in the title.

Meta Description
The current description on the website could be tweaked to get more organic, natural free search engine clicks.  It currently reads as follows:  iOSGameHub is a YouTube Channel which helps you to find the finest classics and brilliant cutting edge latest iOS releases. There are thousands of new titles hitting App Store each and everyday. We.. There really is not much here to tell Google or the people searching for ios games what you are and what you do.  I would use the Google Keyword Planner tool to lookup relivent keywords and add them into the description.  This needs to read well and is the first call to action many people will see when finding you in Google.  Be sure to stand out, see what the competitors are doing, what catches your eye and then do something even better.It looks like the website description is not actually set, instead it’s pulling the first line of text from the homepage.  This should always be unique!

You might want to consider bringing the videos up a bit on the homepage.  Right now users will have to scroll down to get the nuts and bolts of the page.  Make this easy.  Or maybe even just have the homepage show the welcome image and that’s it.  Make it clickable and then send people into a page with all the videos?  Just a thought.  However if you did it this way you could target the video page as well via SEO titles, descriptions and keywords.

Speaking of keywords it seems that there are none listed for the site, or none that I can find.  This is important to set meta keywords so Google better understands your website.

Social Media:
I see you have connected your FB, Twitter and YouTube Accounts.  This is great.  And you have links pointing back to the site which is important. You may also want to add Linkedin links and Pinterest as well.  Also considering showing your social buttons in the footer of every page or in the menu, sidebar etc etc.. I only found them on the contact page. You have a lot of FB likes, hopefully they are all natural and not “paid” J how’s your engagement on Facebook?  Are you seeing much traffic from social channels?  Seems like gamers are online and this would be an easy way to reach people.

I would focus on the Title, meta description and keywords.  You have solid content know its time to let Google and Bing know that too. Last but not least add a link from every one of your YouTube videos back to the page on your site that correlates, this is huge.  Itunes links are good if they make you money but you really need to pass some of that link juice onto your own website too.

Let me know if you need any more help on this!