Good Sports PGH Case Study – SEO Audit

LayoutUpon first glance to your homepage – there is a lot going on.  Typically I would avoid any sort of flash or animation on the homepage as this will increase your bounce rate. – EDIT  looks like that background is playing on all pages. It really takes away the attention from your products.

Your current keywords are listed as follows: clothes, good, goodsports, goodsportspgh, pgh, pittsburgh, skate, sports, streetwear, supreme – these are very broad and will make it tough for Google to send you and free, natural links based on those keywords.

Have you done any keyword research? That would be the next step, to find terms related to your business. For instance the term “Pittsburgh t shirts” gets searched for 390 a month alone. So with the proper keywords you can tell Google to show your website when people are searching for like minded terms.

Your site description currently reads as follows” GoodSportsPGH is a lifestyle brand that produces and sells high quality, limited pieces. Good Sports PGH, LLC” again this will be tough to pull any organic , natural and free traffic from Google aside from the term “Lifestyle Brand” so again keyword research this part ( I am happy to help with that if interested in hiring me.  Otherwise you can just use the Google Keyword Planner tool – as thats what I use too!  Don’t make this spammy, or a list of words.  Get creative and have a call to action.  Again think who what when where why, short and sweet with an IMPACT-FULL call to action

Are you using Wix? Reason I ask is the urls are a bit funky –!shop/fjqnl not the characters infront and behind the word shop.  in a perfect worls this would be – this is a clean url and Google and your readers / customers will appreciate that.

I would change the about us page to tell who, where and why about you and the company.  Your brand seems new to me, so help people understand why these should buy your gear, what is it that sets you apart from anyone else making shirts in PA?

On your shop page for any shirts of stocks, be sure to have a link to a shirt thats available.  Don’t make people use the back button..  Instead show them a link to another shirt, capture the sale!!!!!

You may want to consider removing the lookbook and uploading it to one of the look book sites. Most brands I work with in the outdoor world have a lookbook off the main website.  More for buyers right?  That being said the photos in here are incredible.  Use these to your advantage.  Create a blog post about each shirt, add the photo, tell a fun story around 1,000 words per post and then link to the shop page for the specific shirt.   Doing this will help drive organic traffic, create internal links within your site and give you something you can share across all the social media platforms. Looks like you started this however these pages need content, more photos, videos and text, 1,000 words a page is a good starting point.  Find a content writer…

For the contact page, considering adding a physical address and phone number.

Social Media
For your social media, I was only able to find the links on the blog page.  I would make sure these are on every page of your site and easy to find.

Instagram is the worst social media platform for driving traffic to your site, almost impossible considering you can only have a link on the homepage of your Insta.  Its an ego driven platform some of us in the 20s-40s are using.  For business trade lightly and dont waste much time here as there is little to no ROI.  No pinterest is golden, add photos and links to each shirt.  You will see traffic very quickly.

Your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ links all point to the wix page 🙂 so guess you are using them to build your site.  I always prefer WordPress for my clients..  Are you on these other social channels as well? If so use them and use them often!!!  1 a day on Facebook as a minimum, as many as you can daily on Twitter and G+