Give’r Gloves Case Study – SEO Audit

Bubba, I wanted to give you some advice for seo and marketing as you are like minded small business entrepreneur.  It will be a crucial if not the most important part of your biz.

This is for this page: it’s interesting thats ranking higher in Google than your homepage.  I will cover homepage at bottom.

Your meta decryption reads as follows: <meta name=”description” content=”The Classic Give’r Glove was born straight out of the mountains in Jackson Hole where sturdy, lined gloves are a necessity, not a luxury.  &quot;The Glove of 100 Use” />

.. ie this is what shows on Google, and starts to tell Google and your readers what the site is about.  (see below image)

Each page should have unique titles, so for this one being the Classic Glove that should be in the Title.  Google will penalize you for duplicate titles.  Have your web person look at your Webmaster Tools reports it will show duplicates. As we dig deeper into your Meta this will be where you want to start ASAP, as in like when you read this email.

There is nothing here to tell Google what’s going on with your site.  You should add a meta keyword, specifically the name of the glove.   You should be able to control this in shopify or directly through your CMS.

Meta description reads as follows: <meta name=”description” content=”Give&#39;r: Apparel designed for the Give&#39;r way of life. Inspired and designed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Providing comfortable clothes and practical accessories!” />

It would really suit you well to come up with keywords that people are searching for.  In the description above unless someone is looking for giver in the search engine specially there is zero to little chance of ever coming up organically.  Now if you add in the words (ski gloves) that phrase gets 5,400 hits a month on Google alone. (Leather Ski Gloves ) gets 390 and so on..   Your meta reads nice, but whats the name of the game here.  Being nice or driving sales?  You may or may not want to have the Jackson Hole part in there as well, but that’s up to you and it’s part of your brand identity.

You have great traffic for a US site.  Your traffic outside the states could improve.  Depending on shipping and customs you might want to target some of those markets.  Speaking of targeting, these terms are driving you some traffic:

1.  give’r gloves 97.76%
  2.  give’r 1.08%
  3.  giv’r kickstarter glove 0.31%
  4.  sarah lauridsen marker volkl 0.13%
  5.  the 4-season give’r gloves 0.08%

Not sure about the Sarah part? Athlete perhaps? Your girlfriend.

Socially I would Tweet minimum twice daily.  FB one post a day.  Stoke these fires as they can and will drive traffic.  Instagram will not.  Pinterest is about to takeoff big time.. Are you buying advertising online?  Honestly I would stop.  I below $19k of the Mountain Weekly News $$$ on ads last year.   I am not spending a dollar this year, and our numbers are up big time, traffic, revenue, affiliate all channels, go figure.  Advertising is the cost of being boring.  Get your gear in the right hands and the rest will continue to follow.

Your Kickstarter thing got a ton of press, well done.  Make sure each and every outlet has a link pointing to – ideally a (do-follow link) as opposed to nofollow.  Get links this is what Google wants to see.  But from high ranking sites.

Last but not least some of the best content on your homepage is located below the fold.  Everyone’s lazy these days, if you can show them more content without having to scroll the longer they will stay on site.  People are lazy online too..

Shoot this to your web dude.  Im happy to look at the seo part again after the changes are made.  You really could be getting a couple thousand extra people a day on your site if you were smart about the keywords.  Also maybe start blogging too..  Once a week will drive a lot of traffic.  Watch us make these gloves, watch us ski, fish, hike…..

Good luck dude!!

And for any business owners looking to really drive sales, revenue and most importantly organic traffic you can contact me via our contact page.  I make money for myself and my clients on a daily basis and look forward to helping make an IMPACT on your business needs too.