Cold Smoke Splitboards Case Study – SEO Audit

Are you using Google Anayltics for  I can’t find the tracking code in your page source? I would make sure this is installed and pay close attention to your users, time on site, how many pages they are looking at etc etc.

Looks like you are using WordPress, that’s great, easy to update and manage.

I would recommend making your Facebook button a little bigger at the bottom, your on Youtube right?  How about Twitter and Google+, and Pinterest.  If so also be sure to add those social buttons.  You really want to get a flow of traffic back and forth. Plus it will help you rank better in Google as you can add your website url to the YouTube page, Twitter etc and create some organic backlinks.

I noticed your Google description reads as follows:

See how the text is going past the end of the page.  In SEO we like to see this all shown.  So you can easily tweak the test a bit.  Keep in mind this part is also a major source of your search traffic.  So do you feel people are searching for the phrase “ Backcountry Magazine’s Editors’ Choice” as cool as that is and you should be uber proud it wont really gain much organic traffic.  See below:

Its actually not even ranking for monthly searches..,

However the word splitboard is.

So you may want to get clever with your description and title to drive more traffic.  Splitboarding is a limited market so you really need to be smart to capture the traffic.  Also keep in mind you have some companies with big dollars and large ad budgets they can throw around which can be hard to compete with.  Also you can start to see what people are paying per click for certain keywords above

Social Media
Keep posting to Facebook.  Also remember you will only be able to reach 10% of your fans unless you pay.  So on a good day unless the CB kids share like crazy you wont see more than 60 something views per post.

You may want to make the text on your site bigger and stand out a bit.  It looks clean just hard to read through with the black background.  There really is no proven formula.  I just try and follow what the other major sites are doing.

I would recommend installing the free version of Yoast SEO wordpress plugin.

How are you driving traffic to your website, how many people do you have signed up for your newsletter?  How often is it going out.

The above should keep you entertained for some time.  Also are you using Google Webmaster Tools, if not start today.  This will show you all the html crawl errors, issues and even the search traffic coming to your site.  One of the most powerful free tool around.

Hit me up if you need anything else, thanks again for getting the board out.