22 Tattoo Case Study – SEO Audit

I wanted to shoot you an email with some SEO advise on how to drive traffic and sales to http://www.twentytwotattoo.com website and shop.  When I do a Google search for Jackson Wyoming Tattoo the following is coming up.  Areas in Green are great couple minor changes and areas in red well want to make a few large changes.  Otherwise looking great upon a first google search:

One thing that stands out is the name Is see 22 Tatoo as well as Twenty Two Tattoo.  I would recommend using one or the other across all channels. When I played around with the Google Keyword planner I noticed the following:

22 Tattoo – is searched for 220 times a month.  Odds are this is mostly your brand and some organic free traffic mixed in.  But look at the difference when the words change:

Twenty Two Tattoo is searched for 20 times a month.  So if I was in your shoes I would consider branding the 22 tattoo.

Your meta Title currently reads: twenty two tattoo : HOME (as you can see in the first green box above) I would ditch the home part.  Capitalize the letters and then maybe consider adding 22 after something like:

Twenty Two Tattoo: 22 Tattoo Jackson Wyoming, or 22 Tattoo: Jackson Wyoming, etc etc you can play around with this, but the word Home won’t get any free SEO love where Jackson, and the other words could and will. I like hot the Facebook one in the second green box reads to be honest.  Something similar to that would be best.

The meta description does not seem to be listed so Google is displaying the text shown under your shop photo on the home page.  This is where you can get creative in the backend by writing a description that will again get free traffic.  Best bet is to tell Google and the readers what your shop is all about and yourself in under 160 characters.  Once you update the meta the description will read differently in Google.  I believe you could easily take the #1 spot from Amy.  And #1 is important as the first result in Google gets clicked 80% of the time, second result is like 20-30% and then it really drops from there.  Being on page 1 is great.  However I look forward to seeing you in the first spot.  People are lazy and will click the first thing they see.  Similar results are also showing under the search Jackson Hole Tattoo.  What you essentially want to do is put yourself in your customers shoes.  Both locals and tourist.  If they wanted a tat, or wanted to find you what would they type in Google.  Or what would you?  If you think that way you will start getting lots of traffic.

On the review in red, I would either see if you can remove that or better yet.  Let it stay but have your customers write a review.  Anyone that’s getting lots of work done?  Maybe ask them to write a review in Google. Its super easy they just click the write a review button.

I don’t see any meta keywords listed, this is important for Google so in the back end you will want to have words like tattoo, Jackson wy tattoo, etc etc..   Google is just a computer, a  smart one but the more info you can tell Google and the search the better your chances of free traffic.

I think Instagram is good for what you are doing to build a portfolio, however from a traffic standpoint its almost impossible.  Focus on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest is the hidden gem of them all.  Facebook post once a day.  Even just re-share someone else’s stoke.  Or better yet im sure you got a book of tattoos right? Twitter you can post as much as you want 2-3 times a day or more is good.  Its like tossing darts, eventually one will land.  Your busy im sure however there are lots of free clients waiting to come in and pay you, just by being social online.

I don’t see a Facebook link on your website.  Make sure all your social links are listed and that all your social media accounts then point back to your website.  Google really wants to see links pointing to you, natural and organic ones.  Not the kind people try and sell you.

There are over a half a million people each month in the US alone searching for the word “Tattoos” on Google. There is lots of potential here, I would recommend blogging once a month if not more.  Its easy just post a photo up of a client’s art and tell the story of the who what when where why.  Nothing fancy, it’s a blog, but will be a guaranteed way to drive traffic and keep your clients and fans stoked.  I bet it would be an honor for someone to see you write a story about one of your favorite tattoos or something along those lines.  Again I sound like a broken record but its free traffic.  Speaking of which are you monitoring your traffic with Google Analytics or another tool?  Its really important for you or someone to be monitoring this. It will help figure out where people are coming from, what they are doing on your website and more.

You can either buy some adds on Google or Facebook or focus on the free stuff I mentioned above. If buying adds make sure to check the keywords and write strong descriptions based on what your trying to sell or who you are trying to reach.  If you go this route, monitor closely as Google and Facebook love to spend your money and will do it fast if your not paying attention.

Website looks clean, I would add some text to the artist page saying you are etc and some photos of your work.  On the contact page.  Take the email out and add a contact form.  With the email there eventually some bot will find it and start spamming you.  I dig the gmail address that’s rad.  Eventually you may even want to consider  your name at 22tattoo.com you grow the gmail address should eventually change to something you’re your domain. Just makes it look cleaner all around.

It took me a while to find the gallery page, Maybe consider adding Gallery to the Menu bar up top.  Guessing people looking you up are going to want to see your photos and who you are as well as contact info.

If you make some of the changes above and look at your website traffic now vs in 2-3 months you will be very pleased with the results.  It won’t take much. Even the blogging shouldn’t be more than 1 hour a week..

Good luck.  Let me know if you need any help with this or have questions.

Last but not least you also might considering linking to your awards on the homepage.  Or newspaper articles talking about you.  Makes Google understand your that much more legit.

Keep up the good work, remember your good at Tattoos…