SEO Case Studies

The following are SEO case studies and strategies put together for local businesses that have reached out for digital marketing and SEO assistance.  These case studies are the first step in a proper SEO audit.

If someone is trying to sell you on search engine optimization and are not willing to offer whats below as a bare minimum, tread lightly as they might actually be better at sales than SEO! This would be like a mechanic charging you to tell you whats wrong with your car…

Each week I will post a new case study here, for anyone interested in SEO.  Be sure to bookmark this page.

Give’r Gloves

Bubba, I wanted to give you some advice for seo and marketing as you are like minded small business entrepreneur.  It will be a crucial if not the most important part of your biz.

This is for this page: it’s interesting thats ranking higher in Google than your homepage.  I will cover homepage at bottom.

Your meta decryption reads as follows: <meta name=”description” content=”The Classic Give’r Glove was born straight out of the mountains in Jackson Hole where sturdy, lined gloves are a necessity, not a luxury.  &quot;The Glove of 100 Use” />

.. ie this is what shows on Google, and starts to tell Google and your readers what the site is about.  (see below image)

Each page should have unique titles, so for this one being the Classic Glove that should be in the Title.  Google will penalize you for duplicate titles.  Have your web person look at your Webmaster Tools reports it will show duplicates. As we dig deeper into your Meta this will be where you want to start ASAP, as in like when you read this email.

There is nothing here to tell Google what’s going on with your site.  You should add a meta keyword, specifically the name of the glove.   You should be able to control this in shopify or directly through your CMS.

Meta description reads as follows: <meta name=”description” content=”Give&#39;r: Apparel designed for the Give&#39;r way of life. Inspired and designed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Providing comfortable clothes and practical accessories!” />

It would really suit you well to come up with keywords that people are searching for.  In the description above unless someone is looking for giver in the search engine specially there is zero to little chance of ever coming up organically.  Now if you add in the words (ski gloves) that phrase gets 5,400 hits a month on Google alone. (Leather Ski Gloves ) gets 390 and so on..   Your meta reads nice, but whats the name of the game here.  Being nice or driving sales?  You may or may not want to have the Jackson Hole part in there as well, but that’s up to you and it’s part of your brand identity.

You have great traffic for a US site.  Your traffic outside the states could improve.  Depending on shipping and customs you might want to target some of those markets.  Speaking of targeting, these terms are driving you some traffic:

1.  give’r gloves 97.76%
  2.  give’r 1.08%
  3.  giv’r kickstarter glove 0.31%
  4.  sarah lauridsen marker volkl 0.13%
  5.  the 4-season give’r gloves 0.08%

Not sure about the Sarah part? Athlete perhaps? Your girlfriend.

Socially I would Tweet minimum twice daily.  FB one post a day.  Stoke these fires as they can and will drive traffic.  Instagram will not.  Pinterest is about to takeoff big time.. Are you buying advertising online?  Honestly I would stop.  I below $19k of the Mountain Weekly News $$$ on ads last year.   I am not spending a dollar this year, and our numbers are up big time, traffic, revenue, affiliate all channels, go figure.  Advertising is the cost of being boring.  Get your gear in the right hands and the rest will continue to follow.

Your Kickstarter thing got a ton of press, well done.  Make sure each and every outlet has a link pointing to – ideally a (do-follow link) as opposed to nofollow.  Get links this is what Google wants to see.  But from high ranking sites.

Last but not least some of the best content on your homepage is located below the fold.  Everyone’s lazy these days, if you can show them more content without having to scroll the longer they will stay on site.  People are lazy online too..

Shoot this to your web dude.  Im happy to look at the seo part again after the changes are made.  You really could be getting a couple thousand extra people a day on your site if you were smart about the keywords.  Also maybe start blogging too..  Once a week will drive a lot of traffic.  Watch us make these gloves, watch us ski, fish, hike…..

Good luck dude!!

And for any business owners looking to really drive sales, revenue and most importantly organic traffic you can contact me via our contact page.  I make money for myself and my clients on a daily basis and look forward to helping make an IMPACT on your business needs too.

Jackson Parlour Hair Salon

ANALYTICS – type in your website name and see your ranking.  Currently not ranked in the US or Globally but that’s to be expected based on your websites age and if your just starting off blogging and driving social traffic.  Google is #1, Facebook is #2 this rank is based on how much traffic these sites receive.  File this away from a rainy day, in a years time when you start ranking it will be good to see how far you have come..

I see you are tracking analytics – googleAnalytics = “UA-2117194-61

This is good and important as you will want to understand the users actions coming to your site, engagement time on site, page views where they came from etc etc etc..  Tons of info in here, heavy on data but worth looking at on a monthly basis or even more often.  I would be happy to help walk you through this sometime.  Otherwise its fairly straight forward to get a basic overview of how many people are on your site daily.

Good work linking your social accounts to your website and vica versa.  I do notice a couple urls.  So I would suggest to change the url that’s shown on your facebook page to link to – as this will be a VERY strong domain based on the URL alone.. instead of linking to – might want to change the url you are linking to here as well.

Do you have the ability to post 1 photo, article, quote, poem, something artistic a day to the JH Parlour Facebook..  Might want to consider that.  1-2 post a day is plenty.  Twitter you can do numerous, same with Insta without spamming people.

Maybe add some more photos of the inside of the Parlour, the pink Elephant etc etc..  Let people get a feel for the salon before walking in. I would suggest a photo of you cutting hair taken from around the hair washing thing panoramic of the entire store to be put front and center on the homepage. Again just a thought suggestions, people are dumbing down so more photos and videos..

I might suggestion switching over to WordPress as your site / blog platform.  That’s what CNN, Mountain Weekly News many hundreds of millions of sites are using.

I would try get something about hair in here, think Google and search engines.  How many people are searching for Jackson Parlour vs Jackson hole hair…. Images can be used for SEO too!!  So any image will want to have a very clear file name.,h_120,al_c,lg_1/a8954a_9a4c0d68cff0445d9cb35680f38b91a7.png – is the current address of your header image, again think Google and re-upload the file with a name like Jackson hair cuts.  Its cheating (ethically)

This will be your biggest opportunity for growth! When I google Jackson WY Salon I find you (sort of ) on page 4.

This is pulling up organically because of the bolded words.  That’s epic!  Even though its your blog.  Your ranking.  And odds are ranking for many more terms too.

Ok Im ranting. Good luck, you won’t really need it.  Think smart and don’t spent to much on “being borning” otherwise I see you taking over this market.  Kudos!  Let me know if you need any help with this.

22 Tattoo

I wanted to shoot you an email with some SEO advise on how to drive traffic and sales to website and shop.  When I do a Google search for Jackson Wyoming Tattoo the following is coming up.  Areas in Green are great couple minor changes and areas in red well want to make a few large changes.  Otherwise looking great upon a first google search:

One thing that stands out is the name Is see 22 Tatoo as well as Twenty Two Tattoo.  I would recommend using one or the other across all channels. When I played around with the Google Keyword planner I noticed the following:

22 Tattoo – is searched for 220 times a month.  Odds are this is mostly your brand and some organic free traffic mixed in.  But look at the difference when the words change:

Twenty Two Tattoo is searched for 20 times a month.  So if I was in your shoes I would consider branding the 22 tattoo.

Your meta Title currently reads: twenty two tattoo : HOME (as you can see in the first green box above) I would ditch the home part.  Capitalize the letters and then maybe consider adding 22 after something like:

Twenty Two Tattoo: 22 Tattoo Jackson Wyoming, or 22 Tattoo: Jackson Wyoming, etc etc you can play around with this, but the word Home won’t get any free SEO love where Jackson, and the other words could and will. I like hot the Facebook one in the second green box reads to be honest.  Something similar to that would be best.

The meta description does not seem to be listed so Google is displaying the text shown under your shop photo on the home page.  This is where you can get creative in the backend by writing a description that will again get free traffic.  Best bet is to tell Google and the readers what your shop is all about and yourself in under 160 characters.  Once you update the meta the description will read differently in Google.  I believe you could easily take the #1 spot from Amy.  And #1 is important as the first result in Google gets clicked 80% of the time, second result is like 20-30% and then it really drops from there.  Being on page 1 is great.  However I look forward to seeing you in the first spot.  People are lazy and will click the first thing they see.  Similar results are also showing under the search Jackson Hole Tattoo.  What you essentially want to do is put yourself in your customers shoes.  Both locals and tourist.  If they wanted a tat, or wanted to find you what would they type in Google.  Or what would you?  If you think that way you will start getting lots of traffic.

On the review in red, I would either see if you can remove that or better yet.  Let it stay but have your customers write a review.  Anyone that’s getting lots of work done?  Maybe ask them to write a review in Google. Its super easy they just click the write a review button.

I don’t see any meta keywords listed, this is important for Google so in the back end you will want to have words like tattoo, Jackson wy tattoo, etc etc..   Google is just a computer, a  smart one but the more info you can tell Google and the search the better your chances of free traffic.

I think Instagram is good for what you are doing to build a portfolio, however from a traffic standpoint its almost impossible.  Focus on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest is the hidden gem of them all.  Facebook post once a day.  Even just re-share someone else’s stoke.  Or better yet im sure you got a book of tattoos right? Twitter you can post as much as you want 2-3 times a day or more is good.  Its like tossing darts, eventually one will land.  Your busy im sure however there are lots of free clients waiting to come in and pay you, just by being social online.

I don’t see a Facebook link on your website.  Make sure all your social links are listed and that all your social media accounts then point back to your website.  Google really wants to see links pointing to you, natural and organic ones.  Not the kind people try and sell you.

There are over a half a million people each month in the US alone searching for the word “Tattoos” on Google. There is lots of potential here, I would recommend blogging once a month if not more.  Its easy just post a photo up of a client’s art and tell the story of the who what when where why.  Nothing fancy, it’s a blog, but will be a guaranteed way to drive traffic and keep your clients and fans stoked.  I bet it would be an honor for someone to see you write a story about one of your favorite tattoos or something along those lines.  Again I sound like a broken record but its free traffic.  Speaking of which are you monitoring your traffic with Google Analytics or another tool?  Its really important for you or someone to be monitoring this. It will help figure out where people are coming from, what they are doing on your website and more.

You can either buy some adds on Google or Facebook or focus on the free stuff I mentioned above. If buying adds make sure to check the keywords and write strong descriptions based on what your trying to sell or who you are trying to reach.  If you go this route, monitor closely as Google and Facebook love to spend your money and will do it fast if your not paying attention.

Website looks clean, I would add some text to the artist page saying you are etc and some photos of your work.  On the contact page.  Take the email out and add a contact form.  With the email there eventually some bot will find it and start spamming you.  I dig the gmail address that’s rad.  Eventually you may even want to consider  your name at you grow the gmail address should eventually change to something you’re your domain. Just makes it look cleaner all around.

It took me a while to find the gallery page, Maybe consider adding Gallery to the Menu bar up top.  Guessing people looking you up are going to want to see your photos and who you are as well as contact info.

If you make some of the changes above and look at your website traffic now vs in 2-3 months you will be very pleased with the results.  It won’t take much. Even the blogging shouldn’t be more than 1 hour a week..

Good luck.  Let me know if you need any help with this or have questions.

Last but not least you also might considering linking to your awards on the homepage.  Or newspaper articles talking about you.  Makes Google understand your that much more legit.

Keep up the good work, remember your good at Tattoos…

Cold Smoke Splitboards

Are you using Google Anayltics for  I can’t find the tracking code in your page source? I would make sure this is installed and pay close attention to your users, time on site, how many pages they are looking at etc etc.

Looks like you are using WordPress, that’s great, easy to update and manage.

I would recommend making your Facebook button a little bigger at the bottom, your on Youtube right?  How about Twitter and Google+, and Pinterest.  If so also be sure to add those social buttons.  You really want to get a flow of traffic back and forth. Plus it will help you rank better in Google as you can add your website url to the YouTube page, Twitter etc and create some organic backlinks.

I noticed your Google description reads as follows:

See how the text is going past the end of the page.  In SEO we like to see this all shown.  So you can easily tweak the test a bit.  Keep in mind this part is also a major source of your search traffic.  So do you feel people are searching for the phrase “ Backcountry Magazine’s Editors’ Choice” as cool as that is and you should be uber proud it wont really gain much organic traffic.  See below:

Its actually not even ranking for monthly searches..,

However the word splitboard is.

So you may want to get clever with your description and title to drive more traffic.  Splitboarding is a limited market so you really need to be smart to capture the traffic.  Also keep in mind you have some companies with big dollars and large ad budgets they can throw around which can be hard to compete with.  Also you can start to see what people are paying per click for certain keywords above

Social Media
Keep posting to Facebook.  Also remember you will only be able to reach 10% of your fans unless you pay.  So on a good day unless the CB kids share like crazy you wont see more than 60 something views per post.

You may want to make the text on your site bigger and stand out a bit.  It looks clean just hard to read through with the black background.  There really is no proven formula.  I just try and follow what the other major sites are doing.

I would recommend installing the free version of Yoast SEO wordpress plugin.

How are you driving traffic to your website, how many people do you have signed up for your newsletter?  How often is it going out.

The above should keep you entertained for some time.  Also are you using Google Webmaster Tools, if not start today.  This will show you all the html crawl errors, issues and even the search traffic coming to your site.  One of the most powerful free tool around.

Hit me up if you need anything else, thanks again for getting the board out.

Good Sports PGH

LayoutUpon first glance to your homepage – there is a lot going on.  Typically I would avoid any sort of flash or animation on the homepage as this will increase your bounce rate. – EDIT  looks like that background is playing on all pages. It really takes away the attention from your products.

Your current keywords are listed as follows: clothes, good, goodsports, goodsportspgh, pgh, pittsburgh, skate, sports, streetwear, supreme – these are very broad and will make it tough for Google to send you and free, natural links based on those keywords.

Have you done any keyword research? That would be the next step, to find terms related to your business. For instance the term “Pittsburgh t shirts” gets searched for 390 a month alone. So with the proper keywords you can tell Google to show your website when people are searching for like minded terms.

Your site description currently reads as follows” GoodSportsPGH is a lifestyle brand that produces and sells high quality, limited pieces. Good Sports PGH, LLC” again this will be tough to pull any organic , natural and free traffic from Google aside from the term “Lifestyle Brand” so again keyword research this part ( I am happy to help with that if interested in hiring me.  Otherwise you can just use the Google Keyword Planner tool – as thats what I use too!  Don’t make this spammy, or a list of words.  Get creative and have a call to action.  Again think who what when where why, short and sweet with an IMPACT-FULL call to action

Are you using Wix? Reason I ask is the urls are a bit funky –!shop/fjqnl not the characters infront and behind the word shop.  in a perfect worls this would be – this is a clean url and Google and your readers / customers will appreciate that.

I would change the about us page to tell who, where and why about you and the company.  Your brand seems new to me, so help people understand why these should buy your gear, what is it that sets you apart from anyone else making shirts in PA?

On your shop page for any shirts of stocks, be sure to have a link to a shirt thats available.  Don’t make people use the back button..  Instead show them a link to another shirt, capture the sale!!!!!

You may want to consider removing the lookbook and uploading it to one of the look book sites. Most brands I work with in the outdoor world have a lookbook off the main website.  More for buyers right?  That being said the photos in here are incredible.  Use these to your advantage.  Create a blog post about each shirt, add the photo, tell a fun story around 1,000 words per post and then link to the shop page for the specific shirt.   Doing this will help drive organic traffic, create internal links within your site and give you something you can share across all the social media platforms. Looks like you started this however these pages need content, more photos, videos and text, 1,000 words a page is a good starting point.  Find a content writer…

For the contact page, considering adding a physical address and phone number.

Social Media
For your social media, I was only able to find the links on the blog page.  I would make sure these are on every page of your site and easy to find.

Instagram is the worst social media platform for driving traffic to your site, almost impossible considering you can only have a link on the homepage of your Insta.  Its an ego driven platform some of us in the 20s-40s are using.  For business trade lightly and dont waste much time here as there is little to no ROI.  No pinterest is golden, add photos and links to each shirt.  You will see traffic very quickly.

Your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ links all point to the wix page 🙂 so guess you are using them to build your site.  I always prefer WordPress for my clients..  Are you on these other social channels as well? If so use them and use them often!!!  1 a day on Facebook as a minimum, as many as you can daily on Twitter and G+

Top Short Sale Assistance

First off you have a really clean looking theme/ layout to your Top Short Sale Assistance website. It’s great to see you’re using Wordpess as well as it makes SEO and design so much easier to implement.

The majority of the content on your homepage is located above the fold. (ATF) This is great as it will encourage people to click and stay on your site.

Your calls to action are strong. So far so good. I would also recommend moving the short sale info that is currently on the homepage to the short sale page: and then really target that page for your SEO campaign. Homepages can be great for SEO too, but actual content pages speak volumes.

A best practice would be to make the short sale page around 2000-3000 words….

Use more videos, info graphics etc etc.. And then repeat this process for each specific page on your site with services you offer. You may even want to include a timeline with historical data on whats been happening with short sales, and the market.

Odds are the short sale process is new correct? So give some background about when and why short sales are now happening.

Social Media
For social media you haven’t posted much since 2015. This is a great way to get free or paid traffic for people searching for your services. I would say 1 post a day at minimum for each social channel! Keep in mind these will be considered back links and start showing Google a funnel of traffic and links pointing to your site.

Keyword here is funnel.  Is it just you talking about this site?  Or are other people, brands and blogs?

Also Linkedin would be perfect for your niche, that’s were business people play and people with cash, odds are they have bought and sold homes before.

Meta Data
I did a search in Google for your companies name, or website name Top Short Sale Assistance and you were not the first listing in Google? You will want to start here!!!! You should ALWAYS be at the top of Google for your brand name. One thing I notice is the brand name and url are the same however the title does not mention who you are??

Title reads as follows : Foreclosure Prevention – Loss Mitigation Services Massachusetts So NH (I would want to see your company name in the Title too…) as will Google..

For your website description reads as follows “A Short Sale of your home can Prevent Foreclosure and Preserve Your Credit Rating. Call 978-984-5198 for Short Sale Assistance in Massachusetts and So.”

Be sure that the terms you ware wanting to rank for are listed here. Maybe not the same terms you have specific pages for but more overall. Maybe even targeted to your locations?

You can also add some more text into the description. You may want to pull the phone number out as odds are people would want to see the site first and then call. Once on site, your call to action is clear. Maybe even consider making the phone link clickable, via Google Voice or something similar.

Website Flow
Hold the hand of your visitors and walk them through the site. Be sure to have links for page to page. Within the content. Don’t let someone come to this great site and only see 1 or 2 pages. Keep them engaged moving from page to page. I recommend drawing out a funnel chart:

Where are you wanting to get clients from or web traffic.
Once they arrive on your homepage or possibly other pages then what?
Do you want them to call, email, book then, read more?

I think a combo of the above would be a safe bet, odds are anyone on your site is doing some major research. Give them data, give them videos.

Other Ways to Make Money!
Have you thought about giving a webinar? People would most likely pay you $100 or more to listen to a 1 hour piece about the industry? Even someone about to loose there home would be willing to invest a little money to hold onto their dream, ore better yet loose less monies..

The site is not ranking in Alexa for US or Global traffic. This is sort of a red flag since the site has been up since 2013. Focus on content and social media.

And then find an organic seo company to help your business increase its revenue…..

There are literally hundreds of thousands of searches a month for what your company is offering. I see no reason you shouldn’t be able to increase the IMPACT on your revenue with a strong SEO / content plan in place.

iOS GameHub

First of all is one of the cleanest layouts I have seen for a website in some time.  Really like the homepage, great first impression.

Current website title is set to “Home” I would be sure to change this ASAP, ideally something with your name in it and the service you offer something like ios gamehub classic video games.  You will know your website niche best but be sure your brand name at the very least is in the title.

Meta Description
The current description on the website could be tweaked to get more organic, natural free search engine clicks.  It currently reads as follows:  iOSGameHub is a YouTube Channel which helps you to find the finest classics and brilliant cutting edge latest iOS releases. There are thousands of new titles hitting App Store each and everyday. We.. There really is not much here to tell Google or the people searching for ios games what you are and what you do.  I would use the Google Keyword Planner tool to lookup relivent keywords and add them into the description.  This needs to read well and is the first call to action many people will see when finding you in Google.  Be sure to stand out, see what the competitors are doing, what catches your eye and then do something even better.It looks like the website description is not actually set, instead it’s pulling the first line of text from the homepage.  This should always be unique!

You might want to consider bringing the videos up a bit on the homepage.  Right now users will have to scroll down to get the nuts and bolts of the page.  Make this easy.  Or maybe even just have the homepage show the welcome image and that’s it.  Make it clickable and then send people into a page with all the videos?  Just a thought.  However if you did it this way you could target the video page as well via SEO titles, descriptions and keywords.

Speaking of keywords it seems that there are none listed for the site, or none that I can find.  This is important to set meta keywords so Google better understands your website.

Social Media:
I see you have connected your FB, Twitter and YouTube Accounts.  This is great.  And you have links pointing back to the site which is important. You may also want to add Linkedin links and Pinterest as well.  Also considering showing your social buttons in the footer of every page or in the menu, sidebar etc etc.. I only found them on the contact page. You have a lot of FB likes, hopefully they are all natural and not “paid” J how’s your engagement on Facebook?  Are you seeing much traffic from social channels?  Seems like gamers are online and this would be an easy way to reach people.

I would focus on the Title, meta description and keywords.  You have solid content know its time to let Google and Bing know that too. Last but not least add a link from every one of your YouTube videos back to the page on your site that correlates, this is huge.  Itunes links are good if they make you money but you really need to pass some of that link juice onto your own website too.

Let me know if you need any more help on this!