5 Easy Ways to Make Money Without Adsense in 2017

Do you want the financial freedom that comes with working from home? Better yet are you looking to make online sales and online revenue via your blog or website? Learn how to make money without Adsense in 2017 with these easy to follow tips.

The first question people normally ask is : How do I figure out an online revenue model for a web based business or simply how can I make money with my website?

For most websites, affiliate marketing comes to mind.

Affiliate marketing channels are an easy way to make money on your website or even blog for that matter. But what about advertising dollars instead? Would you rather have a check coming in monthly based on the content you produce, or a check to come in when someone buys something from your website or your affiliate merchant partners?

Both ways of making revenue via organic digital marketing have some major pluses and minuses. Find out what will work best for your website below:

Make Money Without Adsense via Affiliate Marketing

Sure, it’s possible and a lot easier than most people think to earn revenue online via affiliate marketing.

From what I have learned over the years via my product review website is to focus on content first and affiliate marketing second.  The site I mentioned earns over $20,000 USD annually and was started out as a blog.

Quick video you should watch on affiliate marketing.

#1. Build a Newsletter
For the first couple years the only people that actually saw the website were friends and family that I would email direct links to.  (which is a great way to build traffic from the get go).  Then as traffic increased I started a newsletter (mailchimp) is a free email newsletter service I use and works great for connecting you with your readers regardless of how long a website or blog has been up.

#2. Write, write a lot!
I wrote a lot during the formative years for one simple reason, I was writing about what moved me. (and I still write…) Originally I wrote for my own blog (and still do) which allows me the opportunity to talk about my passions in life including snowboarding, music, and whatever is moving me. Now depending on your business niche and goals you may or may not want to take a bloggy approach to your writing. If you aren’t comfortable writing form the get go, hire a professional copy writer from a website like Upwork.com. Although one thing I have learned over the years is to simply write as I speak. And I am willing to be you understand the English language, so write what you think, what you feel and your audience will most likely appreciate the realness in your voice via your words on the web.. Again each website and tone will vary, find something you love to make money around. It will make you much happier in the long run.

#3. Be Patient
I didn’t start my affiliate marketing efforts until around year 2-3 of having the website up.  At that point I had a good bit of content and traffic was naturally finding me via the search engines.  Now you might be reading this and thinking “I don’t have the time to wait to make money with affiliate marketing” well waiting is a huge part of this job.

Patience is more than a virtue here, it’s absolutely paramount.  Your readers will be able to tell if your only goal is to sell them on something. And most likely if they get that vibe that may not return.  Instead create value in your content, offer up first hand experiences.

#4. Stand out from the competition with brilliant media
Photos and videos are wonderful for your blog, website and even better affiliate marketing campaigns.  If you’re talking about a pair of skis, well be sure to show the skis on the snow.  Talk about your ski trip, how they skis worked, what you liked and didn’t like.  Think about talking to your audience and readers the same way you would talk to a friend.  Would you try and “sell” a friend on the product by getting there money?  Or would you have more IMPACT by showing your enthusiasm for the product instead?  This is where photos and videos make it even easier as smiles are hard to fake on film…

These are the sort of Affiliate Click Though Rates (CTR) you want to obtain

Online Revenue & Online Sales via Affiliate Programs

Want to start earning affiliate commissions? Signup with AvantLink at the following link: (which is, you guessed it an affiliate link.)

otherwise you can just click here for the non-affiliate link:

Learn how to pick an affiliate merchant, think quality over quantity..

A question to ask yourself – Is the only goal of your make money online? If you answered yes,  I might ditch the affiliate channel all together and focus on content and traffic first and foremost. Say what?

Step 1 Drive Traffic

Instead of making online revenue your #1 focus, consider creating valuable content first! Create something that your readers need or better yet something they’re searching for. (use the Keyword Planner) Once traffic is in place you can start making money by selling advertising space on your website and then look to monetize the traffic with affiliate campaigns.

If you’re reading this article and you have a free add banner on your website, my recommendation would be to take it down, NOW.. If not now, and you plan on sticking with making money online for the long haul the time will come when you have that ah-ha moment and will surely remember what I said. As there is really nothing free in life, not even your ad space.

Sure the “idea” of earning affiliate commissions via a banner add sounds nice, however I would much rather get paid for people to see the add instead of having to click.  That’s where Google Adsense comes into play.  Once your traffic is established Adsense will start earning you money on a daily basis, guaranteed!

Facebook is a great way to get FREE traffic, organically and naturally.

Step 2 Create a Media Kit
Once you have built traffic to your website the next step I recommend is to create a media kit. There are several services online that can help create a simple pdf media kit that can be emailed to potential advertisers and even uploaded to your website. Uploading you media kit makes it really easy for advertisers to get in contact with you without going back and forth on email or over the phone.

Learning how to sell advertising space on your website:

Each advertisers is going to be looking for different results in their campaigns. Some may be looking for a certain number of daily visitors, xyz unique monthly users, and so on. Once my main website started seeing around 1,000 hits a day advertisers started to take notice.

I am now in an incredibly unique place where I earn around $30 a day on advertising alone, plus the affiliate commission on top of that. It’s a great feeling waking up knowing your website is making money instead of always checking your affiliate commissions (which I still inevitably do).

Keep in mind not all advertisements are alike.

Ad Spends
When will digital overpower print?

Is it possible to earn online revenue with Google Adsense?

You may find it hard to get affiliate companies to pay you to put banners on your website or blog and for good reason. These companies and there affiliate program managers have been stealing free advertising for years. Especially toward up and coming affiliate websites that might not know any better. It truly is an honor to get approved to an affiliate merchant, but that should be were the flattery ends.  And one of the reasons Adsense works for making money without all the fuss.

Nothing is free in life, not even your ad unit spaces.

This may sound weird, but when you are TRULY passionate about something you will do the work for free. As I did, as many bloggers before us have too and many will follow in our paths. Find something you love and talk about it, it will make your entire affiliate marketing / online advertising dream a reality.

With Adsense, making money is quick and easy (however don’t expect to be making 6 figures unless your site is seeing millions of users) simply put the add banners on your site and Google will do the rest. Google makes money when people click on your ads, just like you.  So they are in the business of serving the most relevant advertising banners based on your website content, your visitors past viewing history and odds are some artificial intelligence to-boot.

Set it, forget it and go.  That’s the beauty of Adsense.

However, sit down for this part as ~ Using Google Adsense for instance can actually hurt an affiliate website.  Find out why below:

Some of my best affiliate partners pay upwards of 20% commission for any sales I drive to their stores. Now if Google was to serve a banner for that same company, (without me getting an affiliate commissions) I would earn a couple cents to a couple dollars vs tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars as other affiliates and brands have the ability to buy those advertisements.

Which would you prefer dollars or pennies?

When it comes to your online revenue model or any business for that matter, go for the big fish, think big, get the money and then start a new business. That’s my end goal at least, and hopefully your way of thinking too.

In a perfect world your advertisements aka add banners will be from actual affiliate add buys so that you have the opportunity to double dip so to speak.

This is why getting paid for advertisements upfront is a great revenue model. Especially when you get brands to pony up for months in advance.

Do you make videos? Did you know you can now get paid for simply creating video content?

Look at what VIMEO is rolling out. (see video above)

In the long term I will put all this info into an ebook, and then a Webinar and even one-on-one coaching. Your best bet is to find a mentor, or service with a proven track record in online revenue, SEO and publishing as a whole. Find someone that is here, like you and I for the long haul. As we mentioned at the start of this article, this needs to be a long term plan. Nothing happens overnight, well nothing good for that matter…

A Question to ask
As you move forward the question of adding affiliate links to your blog post vs relying on advertising dollars for your online revenue stream is really depend on your website, your goals and truly your readers as that’s all that matters.  This is about them, not us!!

Ask yourself tough questions again:
What is the goal of your website? – Is this purely a way to make money? If so what is it that money actually means to you. If you could describe money what would you say?

One thing I have noticed over the years is a balance of passion vs drive to make money. Had I started my product review / outdoor lifestyle blog solely to make money I doubt it would be as successful as it is today.  As my mom always said “find something you love and make it your job”..

When in doubt you can always contact me for consulting..

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