Instagram Traffic Sucks Stop Using Instagram For Business

We live in an interesting world these days, that seems to be highly driven by our egos. One of the recent phantoms I just don’t seem to understand is Instagram. Especially for a business stand point. With that I wanted to show you why Instagram sucks, especially for business.

For anyone working in online marketing you’re probably aware that display adverting has a (CTR) Click Through Rate around .15 to 0.22%. Keep in mind these are not even full percentages. So if you are spending any time at all on Instagram aside from stroking your ego or seeing how rad other people are you might want to pump the breaks. As driving traffic to your website is going to be a battle not worth fighting.

Ok, so you think I am full of shit. That’s fine. Pull up your Google Analytics account and take a gander at some data.. Follow these steps:

#1 Open Google Analytics
#2 Click on Acquisitions (on the lower left side of the page)
#3 Click Overview

This image is from one of my clients websites showing the source of their traffic.

What stands out above is the % of Organic Searches.

First Step to Organic Digital Marketing

Maybe you have a dedicated team focusing on Instagram. I know of brands in the outdoor industry that have numerous full time employees stoking the flame on Instagram (paid employees). However are they seeing any traffic being driven to their site?

When it comes to sports digital marketing we really have the opportunity to change the mold and the way our industry presents it self.
*For starters video seems to be very under-utilized. We live in a day and age of digital, and not just marketing but for everything. So use this technology to your advantage. Create a strong organic marketing plan and then focus on your online revenue stream.

It safe to bet you can easily get a certain percentage of your Instagram “followers” to hit your Instagram homepage. But then what. Do you really expect them to click from there, (ie leaving Instagram) and find themselves on your website? Possibly. However did you pay attention to the .15 – 0.22 conversion rates. Well why not shrink that in half as now you are expecting them to click twice.

Once you

Instagram Sucks, Really it does..

Not good..

Wheres platforms like Twitter, Pinterest (extremely underused in business) and even Facebook allow you to add a DIRECT CALL TO ACTION to each post.

This will be hard to swallow especially if you have drank the punch that is Instagram. I have friends that are pro surfers, musicians and way to famous to be caring about shit like Instagram, yet it would be a cold day in hell before you ever pried a smart phone and access to their egos away.

It’s time to grow up, think long term and figure out what your business goals truly are.

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