Google’s New Ad Colors are Border Line Spammy at Best

Have you noticed the new Google green color way that is being used for the Google Ad Color Green? I spend a lot of my day looking at search engines, specifically Now it seems the Google green color is taking hold.

Over the past few months it seems Googles modus operandi has shifted from providing the best possible search results to becoming a publishing company working with advertisers.

Lately the Search Engine Results are being overloaded by advertisers trying to sell you and I something. Well I don’t always come to Google looking to shop, in fact most of the time it’s actually research based. Google is god and I ask a lot of questions..

So what changed?

Google Ad Color2016 Explained

As of yesterday Google ads were marked with a very small yellow box that stated Ad. (see below)
Google Serp 7 Ads Top Yellow Google Ad Color
*Don’t pay too much attention to the other 7 picture ads above the main listing, well cover that below..

Are you starting to catch something?

For instance the listing above essentially has a whopping 7 ads served before we get to the organic results. Anyone in the SEO game, may see this is sort of a kick to the teeth. If you want to be at the top you need to pay the pony or Google Adwords.

Today however, Google seems to be mixing things up. (see below)
7 Ads Top Google Green Ad Color
*What you should pay attention to is the color of the very small box stating this is an Ad. It’s now the same green color as all the url’s listed. At best this will trick people into clicking on ads which is weird as that’s a big no no for any Google Publishers serving ads.

Would my 70 year old mother be able to tell the green box is an ad? Not likely and this was clearly done on purpose.

Now the Green Ad Color is not completely new, Google actually rolled this out in Europe last month according to Search Engine Watch

However there is hope for Google. And if they want to be around in 10, 20 or 30 years there focus needs to shift back to search not advertising. Which they may even be considering based on the image below:

Google Serp Shopping Right
*Notice the shopping listing are now on the right hand side of the page? This looks much cleaner and if Google can stick to it, odds are they could utilize all that “dead” white space on the right hand side of the normal search results page.

Whats wonderful about the results shown with the shopping on the right is the actual Google results are now free of advertising on the left hand side, or at least at the top of the page. Now each search in Google will give different results so clearly there is still a ton of testing to be done.

Google’s Advertising Rules, do they even matter anymore?

At the very least it seems Google has one set of rules for publishers and yet another all together for their website. Matt Cutt’s you paying attention?

As an online publisher I’m noticing that as of late we are having to compete with major retail stores with huge ad budgets and deep pockets. Whats even sticker is when I look for a “product review” that is exactly what I am looking for. Not some review on Amazon, etc etc..Especially considering there are tons of review sites and bloggers that are providing quality content.

Google is the best encyclopedia in the world hands down. Bing is far behind in #2 or is it Yahoo? Either way it is in ALL OF OUR INTEREST to make sure Google provides valuable links based on search not on ad dollars.

If your only focus in on making online revenue, than at this point in the game it seems you will need to be investing into Googles Advertising program.

Surely there are some studies that show a websites organic traffic has gone down after suspending Google ad spends.. Or maybe I am just into conspiracies, however this is how Facebook operates these days, so what makes Google any more ethical.

This is business and Google needs to make money especially considering Googles 2012 Q2 report stated the company had around 55,000 full time employees worldwide. That’s a lot of mouths to feed and insurance to pay.

Better yet the question to ask is how does Google make it’s money? Which is really a deeper topic considering Google has no real product to sell yet is earning billions, yes billions in revenue annually.

According to an article published on Investopia, Google earns around 96% of its revenues from ads, specially Google Adwords. Which is vastly different from the Google we used in 2000 that was known primarily as a search engine.

Businesses need to grow, humans too.

Some questions to ponder:

Will there be a true organic search engine in the future? Possibly a new startup from former Google employees or anyone with a technological background that understands Artificial Intelligence learning?

Could we pay a yearly fee to use Google free of Ads? A true search engine, only providing the best results to the end user, not the best results to make money for the company.

Should Google create a specific reviews tab? When you are looking for reviews, do you like to visit major shopping sites (anyone can copywrite) or read reviews with photos and videos of the products actually being used?

What happened to the Google Blogs tab? Are blogs not a valid news source anymore? What is the difference between a blog and a news site these days? One pays ad dollars and one is searching for a slice of the pie…

Googles Ad Scam Continues..

Update: as of 5/30/2016 Looks like googles deceptive ad practices are back.  At best the image below is going to confuse a lot of users, most likely ones over 40 years of age. 


Google Ad Colors Is this really a good way to run a business, make money now without any thought of tomorrow.

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