How to Avoid Google Adwords Search Fraud has been charging me for clicks from a specific website that our ads are serving on, the problem is the ad units I have no ability to be shown in the spots that Google is apparently hosting my ads through on this site –

my ad units are shown below:

Google Adwords Fake Clicks

As you can see there are 3 types. Text – Native – Image
All 3 are 300×250 blocks. Not responsive.

So how on earth is the page above generating clicks? If you look at the page I posted there is a header slot and a block slot. Nothing in the 300×250 and surely not the images of my ads.

Adwords sessions vs clicks
I highly doubt anyone was clicking my ad more than once, however Google says that was the case. With a 95.56% bounce rate? Really they are coming back for round 2?

I spent 40 minutes talking to a Google Adwords tech (from India) that would not let me get a word in. Finally after 40 minutes he hung up on me. Yikes. I was calling out fraud and they didn’t want to hear it. Nor would he transfer me to a supervisor.

I was able to show clear reporting via Google Ananlytics and a third part tracker I used called Clicky.

It looks like I was taken for a ride via Google. Be sure not to let this happen to you too.

Thoughts or comments appreciated.

PS. Worst of all the traffic is coming from sites that have low rankings, ones that looks like they are built just to serve ads. No real content or benefit for the end user.

Adwords Fake Reporting

$0.04 a click is great, although are they real clicks?

When compared to reporting I trust: