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    Mike Hardaker

    Should every brand that is selling online have an affiliate program? My experience is working in the outdoor gear space. Over the years I watched brands like The North Face and Patagonia bring affiliate marketing programs online. If I was in the brands shoes I would think this is a no brainer, sort of like travel agents getting commission to sell vacations.

    It amazes me so many companies that sell in house via their own webstores are not looking into this.

    In years past I considered trying to “roll out” affiliate marketing to snowboard companies. However not sure they have the capacity or time to run such program.




    Been saying this for a while… We have gotten to the point that if you’re a “retail” model advertiser (REI, Moosejaw, Target, etc.) that discounts, and/or are open to loyalty partnerships, traditional affiliate programs work great. Otherwise not so much……considering 90% or more of sales volume now comes from coupon or loyalty pubs.

    Outdoor brands that offer direct to consumer ecommerce are increasingly leery of standard affiliate programs that pay a commission on a sale. They aren’t interested in competing with their retailer partners, and they don’t discount. Ever.

    The same can be said for high-profile bloggers and other social influencers who rightfully should be getting paid up front for impressions, reach and engagement (and not on commission on sale action). They simply can’t compete with loyalty and coupon for the coveted last click, and subsequent commission.

    This is in part why we have seen such an emergence of influencer and/or outreach platforms over the last several years.

    The DTC brands want the bloggers, and the influencers.. and not so much the coupon and/or loyalty pubs. The bloggers and social influencers are increasingly found on influencer and ambassador platforms. They have been leaving affiliate networks in droves.

    Sales are important to measure, but I think we’ll continue to see that the brands are just as interested in measuring campaign engagement metrics via true influencers and content marketing initiatives.

    So no, affiliate programs are not for every brand. Particularly those brands going direct-to-consumer with ecommerce.


    Influencer Marketing for Outdoor Brands

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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