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    Mike Hardaker

    Anything you are dying to know about affiliate marketing? I am working on putting together some articles to help generate revenue for affiliates. Aside from making money what would you like to know. Better yet how about how to make money with affiliate marketing? Any questions, thoughts comments will be spun into a story that will help all of us convert.


    1. What are some best practices for obtaining sample product (whether for keeps or on loan from the brands, etc.)? Trade shows and other events offer some limited opportunities, often require significant travel & related expenses, and provided a bare minimum amount of time with product. This essentially rules out any ability to field test outerwear and accessories and allows for only a cursory/”first impression” sort of take on some hard goods.
    2. What sort of contact and relationship do you form with affiliate program managers? And how do you go about forming the relatinoship? What benefits or advantages are there in working with retailer managers specifically? I suspect there is a different way of handling this if the seller is “Brand X” versus “Retailer Y” — while I’m sure it varies by brand, the brand affiliate manager probably has more sway in flowing product, etc., versus a retailer who may not.

    Mike Hardaker

    Thanks for the follow up. I put Part 1 together today:

    Best Practices for Obtaining Products to Review


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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