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    Mike Hardaker

    Just noticed Eddie Bauer is over at CJ. Thinking I may have to re-signup for another network. I liked the idea of just using AvantLink in the past as it would be less work and easier to manage. However we review EB stuff so why not monetize and get free gear too?



    Mike Hardaker

    Interesting to see alot of the Avantlink brands over at CJ?
    The House
    Sierra Trading Post
    US Outdoor
    etc etc..

    Do you prefer one network over the other?



    I used CJ years ago because they had an exclusive on GoPro but they stopped their affiliate program a long time ago. They’ve probably improved their interface and stuff in the meantime, but the one thing I hated about CJ was their URLs *look like spam*. I’m not keen on “avantlink.com…” urls, eithe (although they now allow shortlink options for custom URLs, which is nice), I wish they could somehow just add a parameter to the destination URL but I understand that would be exceedingly complicated to integrate hundreds or thousands of vendors in to that sort of format.


    Mike Hardaker

    I actually signed back up with CJ, or turned my account back on. Back-end looks nice. As for the urls I wonder how much is done from an SEO standpoint. If I was the network I would want all the traffic coming to my site first to make god aka Google think I was a big player.

    Which looks to be EXACTLY the case as checkout where these sites are ranked in terms of popularity among websites in the US.

    CJ = #2056
    Avantlink – #11,761

    These are crazy high numbers in terms of popularity #1 being the highest. There are millions of websites out there.

    This is why some of the bigger bloggers like the one Avantlink showed a few weeks back Brads Deals uses link cloaking. Something we should ALL be doing however the network wont tell you that, but I can from a marketing standpoint. When Google crawls your site and sees a bunch of avantlink links what sort of site will they think it is?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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