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    Mike Hardaker

    This issue has not been fixed in 2 weeks. Avantlink and Backcoutnry.com are having trouble showing the correct price of goods on my site. What they are doing is actually showing a lower price then the retail price. See below

    Vans V-66 Snowboard Boot Review

    Price is $114.97

    When clicked it brings you here – https://www.backcountry.com/vans-v-66-snowboard-boot-mens?CMP_SKU=VAN00NB&MER=0406&utm_source=Avantlink&utm_source=Affiliate&mr:trackingCode=ABC0F22E-2686-E611-80FA-005056944E17&mr:referralID=NA&avad=35035_ff682155&PubID=27591&PubName=mtnweekly.com (which has my tracking code)

    but more importantly a price of $119.97. Not the $114.97 shown to entice clicks.


    My thead with Avantlink:

    Tony Aman (AvantLink)
    Aug 23, 13:40 MDT
    Hi Mike,

    Owen has reached out to Back Country to resolve this, as our data feed shows $114.97 – and it looks to be successfully updating from their side of the feed every night.
    I will set this support request to pending, and we will let you know when we receive a response.

    Aug 22, 15:29 MDT
    This is a follow-up to your previous request #19778 “BC Pricing”
    Hey, Backcountry.com is still showing a lower on Sale price on my website then what is actually available at BC.
    There has been ample time for the updates to process. Please advise why the price being shown is not in line with whats being shown on Backcountry.com


    Mike Hardaker

    Guessing this would not go over well with everyone:

    Avantlink reply

    “Hello All,
    What it looks like to me is that the product that without a tracking code is only available in store, meaning it is sold out online and there for unavailable for an affiliate to sell. This is more than likely a bi-product of our local product feeds aimed at highlighting instore inventory for our retail locations.
    Let me know if you have any further questions,”

    What the heck? Are we not getting credit aka cookies set for out of stock products?


    Mike Hardaker

    Colors, colors and more colors. Backcountry.com was showing a Brown boot in the datafeed with the correct price. However when clicked over to Backcountry.com the boot turned black and the price goes up.

    By selecting the boot color you can get the lower price.

    Personally I don’t like that extra step for my end user.

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