Facebook notifications showing on desktop when logged out?

Do you happen to use Facebook.com from a desktop computer? Have you noticed you are never truly logged out?

Have you noticed any changes to your login screen, or more so a notification number highlighted in Red?

Facebook is Hacking Your Computer

There seems to be some nasty cookies at work or perhaps a script injected by Facebook.com into your personal computer. How on earth is Facebook able to show a persons notifications when the user aka you is not logged on? This leads us to believe that you’re not really ever logged out of Facebook per say, is this like some twisted reality T.V. show?

So far I am unable to find any other articles about the new Facebook desktop notification hack. Hmm, wonder why?

and they’re hacking your phone too..

Forbes recently wrote a piece titled Facebook Says It’s Not Listening to Your Conversation for Ads Using Microphone Access.

And Popular Mechanics tapped into this lightly with their article You Already Bugged Your Own House Years Ago.

Yes, be skeptical! Be jealous of your privacy! But also honest with yourself: You’d have to be crazy to believe this is the tipping point. We’re already in the deep end on this one.

Personally I try and limit my Facebook use and even recently took 6 months off Facebook (removed my account from being shown and all) and to be honest it was some of the happiest I have been in a long time..

Technology is and will become a double edged sword in our lifetimes. Thoughts are welcomed below.

Take a look at this article to learn how to turn your Push Notifications off – https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/push-notifications-firefox

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