New WordPress Widgets – WordPress News Javascript Errors

Anyone else noticing a new Widget backend in WordPress.  As of May 9, 2018 the screen shown above has started to load before switching back to the familiar Widget backend. Is WordPress rolling out a new Widget backend?  Only time will tell however I was able to click the edit button on the new interface which took me to a brand new option page, showing Placement locations among other features. Javascript Error – WordPress Events and News Another wonky feature that was found this morning Continue reading →

How to Avoid Twitter Advertising Fraud

oh online advertising how I hate you so..  If you’re reading this post most likely you have been duped too, or it’s soon to come if you feel ike give your hard earned money to any social media platforms to advertise on, specifically in this case   We launched an Outdoor Gear Guide this year and wanted to get extra eyeballs on this series of post.  So we turned to Twitter for advertising. The campaign (which is now paused) is shown above.  If you Continue reading →

How to Avoid Google Adwords Search Fraud has been charging me for clicks from a specific website that our ads are serving on, the problem is the ad units I have no ability to be shown in the spots that Google is apparently hosting my ads through on this site – my ad units are shown below: As you can see there are 3 types. Text – Native – Image All 3 are 300×250 blocks. Not responsive. So how on earth is the page above generating clicks? If you look Continue reading →

Showing Sold Out Products Seems to Be a Way to Cannibalize Google Search

I recently entered the following search query into ‘686 smarty command’. The Google search revealed some 77,700 results with 10 listings on the first page and 5 sponsored images – shopping links at the top of the page. All seems normal here, however if you start clicking on the Organic Google listings below. Only 1 out of the 10 listings actually has the product in stock? Why is Google Display SOLD OUT Merchant Inventory One would think Google’s algorithm would be able to understand Continue reading →

Facebook notifications showing on desktop when logged out?

Do you happen to use from a desktop computer? Have you noticed you are never truly logged out? Have you noticed any changes to your login screen, or more so a notification number highlighted in Red? Facebook is Hacking Your Computer There seems to be some nasty cookies at work or perhaps a script injected by into your personal computer. How on earth is Facebook able to show a persons notifications when the user aka you is not logged on? This leads us Continue reading →

Do you Travel for Work? Beware of United’s Basic Economy Class

I recently booked a roundtrip flight on United Airlines from Salt Lake City to Denver for a work event. The flight was purchased online via through the traditional booking method. The flight was booked, credit card charged and confirmation was sent. But hold up a second.. A few days later I received the following email from United: Wow, what happened here United? I see a few major red flags. #1 No assigned seating. I’m a tall guy with a bad back, if I end Continue reading →

Hiring in Jackson Hole… Yeah You and Everyone Else

It is going to be a great summer for the local workforce. Now is the time to ask for a raise or go find that $30+ hourly job. When you start seeing local gas stations paying to promote help wanted ads via Facebook like this, well we can say we have passed the tipping point. And for business owners, now is the time to get creative and open up your wallets while taking care of your employees if you plan to be in business in Continue reading →

iDNS SCAM- Internet Domain Name Services SCAM

Have you received a letter in the mail from a company called iDNA – Internet Domain Services? Most likely if you’re a website owner or reading this post than you have. Let me start by saying iDNA is scam, do not give them any of your hard earned money, ever. Tricking small business owners with websites should be the new iDNS tag line iDNS USPS Scam The scam starts out innocent enough with a letter sent in the mail that’s addressed to (you) the site Continue reading →

Best Practices for Obtaining Products to Review

When it comes to blogging and reviewing products it can be expensive to go out and buy all the goods your looking to talk about via your website or blog. There ARE some successful product review sites that have gone the route of buying gear to review however without deep pockets and a strong business plan in place you may end up throwing a lot of money around as a consumer instead of earning affiliate commission as a publisher. What are some of the best Continue reading →

Too Many Google Ads

Are you a small business owner interested in buying Google Ads? My advise would be to to tread lightly as Google is now in the business of making money selling advertisements instead of providing search results. As there are way too many Google Ads currently displaying. In fact Google began selling advertising back in 2003 via AdWords keyword-based advertising. What started with only 350 customers is now a massive ad network that generates over 10 Billion USD in annual revenue in the United States alone. Continue reading →