Hiring in Jackson Hole… Yeah You and Everyone Else

It is going to be a great summer for the local workforce. Now is the time to ask for a raise or go find that $30+ hourly job. When you start seeing local gas stations paying to promote help wanted ads via Facebook like this, well we can say we have passed the tipping point. And for business owners, now is the time to get creative and open up your wallets while taking care of your employees if you plan to be in business in Continue reading →

iDNS SCAM- Internet Domain Name Services SCAM

Have you received a letter in the mail from a company called iDNA – Internet Domain Services? Most likely if you’re a website owner or reading this post than you have. Let me start by saying iDNA is scam, do not give them any of your hard earned money, ever. Tricking small business owners with websites should be the new iDNS tag line iDNS USPS Scam The scam starts out innocent enough with a letter sent in the mail that’s addressed to (you) the site Continue reading →

Best Practices for Obtaining Products to Review

When it comes to blogging and reviewing products it can be expensive to go out and buy all the goods your looking to talk about via your website or blog. There ARE some successful product review sites that have gone the route of buying gear to review however without deep pockets and a strong business plan in place you may end up throwing a lot of money around as a consumer instead of earning affiliate commission as a publisher. What are some of the best Continue reading →

Too Many Google Ads

Are you a small business owner interested in buying Google Ads? My advise would be to to tread lightly as Google is now in the business of making money selling advertisements instead of providing search results. As there are way too many Google Ads currently displaying. In fact Google began selling advertising back in 2003 via AdWords keyword-based advertising. What started with only 350 customers is now a massive ad network that generates over 10 Billion USD in annual revenue in the United States alone. Continue reading →

Google’s New Ad Colors are Border Line Spammy at Best

Have you noticed the new Google green color way that is being used for the Google Ad Color Green? I spend a lot of my day looking at search engines, specifically Google.com. Now it seems the Google green color is taking hold. Over the past few months it seems Googles modus operandi has shifted from providing the best possible search results to becoming a publishing company working with advertisers. Lately the Search Engine Results are being overloaded by advertisers trying to sell you and I Continue reading →

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Without Adsense in 2017

Do you want the financial freedom that comes with working from home? Better yet are you looking to make online sales and online revenue via your blog or website? Learn how to make money without Adsense in 2017 with these easy to follow tips. The first question people normally ask is : How do I figure out an online revenue model for a web based business or simply how can I make money with my website? For most websites, affiliate marketing comes to mind. Affiliate Continue reading →

Instagram Traffic Sucks Stop Using Instagram For Business

We live in an interesting world these days, that seems to be highly driven by our egos. One of the recent phantoms I just don’t seem to understand is Instagram. Especially for a business stand point. With that I wanted to show you why Instagram sucks, especially for business. For anyone working in online marketing you’re probably aware that display adverting has a (CTR) Click Through Rate around .15 to 0.22%. Keep in mind these are not even full percentages. So if you are spending Continue reading →

The Great Facebook Fan Scam aka Fraud

Oh Facebook, odds are everyone you know has been or will be on Facebook.com at some point in their lives. For gods sake my own mother now was a Facebook account as she is a senior citizen so it’s no wonder business are realizing Facebook.com is a great place to reach customers. Online marketers be warned the world of advertising on Facebook and “earning” fans is a slimy road. Here is some backstory. I have managed a Facebook business page that had over 300,000 fans. Continue reading →

Are you Wasting Your Hard Earned Money on SEO

If anyone is telling you to pay for SEO, my advise would be to stop listening unless they have proven results…. There are essentially two types of traffic and SEO for your site these days. Option #1 is Organic, Option #2 is white hat / black hat methods. But really you’re here to learn how much to spend on seo: The days of paying your way to the top of a search engine ie Google are long gone. If you want your business to show Continue reading →

Where Should You Start a Blog?

In my first article of this series I wrote about What is a Blog, for the second part of this series I am going to explain where to blog. From past experience I found the easiest place to blog is on own personal blog or website, well duh! But how do you even start? There are two really easy to use blogging platforms that I recommend bloggers check out. The first is WordPress.com WordPress.com is a publishing platform that is easy to use and setup Continue reading →